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We are AJNVG, we offer compelling stories that sell...

When award winning marketers and consulting professions come together; A marketing consulting company is born that specializes in compelling story telling.


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What we believe ?

We believe that Marketing is an Art. While we learn - "Marketing is an art as well as science"; the science part of marketing is only an enabler. .

Today's marketing is no longer traditional. Its a combination of four larger subjects like Creativity & Psychology from the arts perspective. Data Analytics and Marketing technologies from a science perspective.

It is quite important to understand how consumers behave and what drives them to be able to market it right. I do consult for organisations on their overall Brand Strategy; Content creation and Advertising to create a compelling position for your Brand.


Servosell Advantage Servosell’s unique blend of conceptual clarity and context understanding gives your organization a valuable external expert’s insights for business-critical issues.

Collective Creativity With a collective experience of over 100 person-years, and a team drawn from leading technology organizations, Servosell is ideally poised to help organizations take advantage of technology to expand marketing effectiveness. Servosell can help organizations with arriving at growth and go to market strategies, conduct branding positioning exercises, or help launch a product or offering.


Brand equity creates value through reputation, impression and perception. It’s important because it changes the dynamic of a product or service that companies offer, since customers trust the brand over their perception of the product or service.

The technical definition of a brand is the sum total of all functional and emotional assets of the product, service or group that differentiate it among the competition, but ultimately a brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company.


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